women's series

"I was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut and was educated at Southern Connecticut State University. I have tought Art Education in Connecticut, in Deer Park, Texas, and in Canyon, at West Texas A&M University. As a studio artist, I have worked in Connecticut, Houston and now in Amarillo. I teach art, I create art, I sell art; therefore my greatest joy comes from communicating through art. Art is my voice, my life and one of my loves. I have learned that if I do not do art, I am not true to myself.

Women's Series
This series depicts the tenuous grasp women have on their freedoms and their continuing fights to maintain and expand their rights. These monotypes explore the various conditions women encounter in this struggle. The series also depicts the numerous institutions and elements of society, both male and female, which consistently work to erode these rights.

The bold color choices of black, red and blue convey the most basic archetypal symbolism known to mankind and represent the entire gamut of human experience and emotion. The gold leaf, chine-colle, and document remnants symbolize the fragments of our rights and freedoms. The series also used several major geometric archetypes to express some of our most elemental concepts: life, death, birth, and rebirth.

Remaining Works

The remainders of art works shown are examples of what I do. My love for our earth is evident and in some cases it serves as a glimpse of what may not be if we as a people, as a nation and as a world do not honor that which we hold in our guardianship. Additional work plays with the way we live and the games we all 'play' with life.

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